Helen Czerski

Wednesday, January 11 2017 at 7:30PM

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108 St Aldate's
City Centre

Helen Czerski

What's the talk about?

When we hear about physics, we often hear about the weirdness of the tiny quantum world or the bewildering vastness of the cosmos. But there's a lot in the middle, and it's time someone starting talking about it. In this talk, Helen Czerski will take us through some of the little everyday oddities that shed light on some of the most important science and technology of our time. This is the physics that is woven into our lives - it's what makes the cream rise to the top of the milk, it dictates how tall a tree can be and it makes magnets stick to the fridge. But the same principles also explain how the ocean conveyer belt moves, how modern insulin tests work, and they open the door to the technologies that will power our future. Once the patterns are visible, a new perspective on the world beckons. 

Helen is a physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster with a passion for science, sport, books, creativity, hot chocolate and investigating the interesting things in life. She currently works in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London, and is a science presenter for the BBC.

Helen's book "Storm in a Teacup - The Physics of Everyday Life" is available from November 2016 (UK & Commonwealth), and January 2017 (US). Copies will be on sale at this event.

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