Aaron Dale and Henry Drysdale

Wednesday, June 7 2017 at 7:30PM

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108 St Aldate's
City Centre

Aaron Dale and Henry Drysdale

What's the talk about?

Outcome switching is a serious problem in clinical trial reporting that can exaggerate the benefits and downplay the harms of new drugs and therapies. We established COMPare (The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine Outcome Monitoring Project) to track this problem in real time in the world’s top 5 leading medical journals. In doing so we aimed to understand why this simple and well recognised problem still exists, and to determine if the self-correcting mechanisms of science work when it really matters. You can see our results and read about what happened when we tried to correct the record on 67 misreported trials on our website (compare-trials.org).

In this follow up talk, Henry and Aaron from the COMPare team will report on Phase 2 of the project, what we have learned about why outcome switching persists, and how our real time feedback approach might be adapted to correct systematic problems in other areas of science.

Henry and Aaron helped start the COMPare project as medical students along with Ben Goldacre at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. They will begin work as junior doctors this August.

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