Carmen D’Cruz

Wednesday, July 5 2017 at 7:30PM

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108 St Aldate's
City Centre

Carmen D’Cruz

What's the talk about?

  • Ever wondered how to make non-science people see how great science, technology, and critical thinking can be?
  • Why are events like Skeptics in the Pub, Cafe Scientifique and Science Showoff filled with people who already have science degrees instead of the people who could gain the most from them?
  • How can the science community and the general public work together to get more people coming to things like this and encourage the nation as a whole to embrace critical thinking?

Carmen D’Cruz is one of the organisers and co-hosts of London Skeptics in the Pub, an award winning monthly event. We cover science, technology, history, philosophy and related current affairs. She has worked with groups from all over the world on evidence based campaigns and events, giving talks about critical thinking and the wonders of science for beginners and would-be experts alike. She lives and works in London as a project management director, not a scientist.

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