In Association with Oxford Think Week

Dr Evan Harris MP

Sunday, February 28 2010 at 7:30PM

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9 - 13 George Street

We use the upstairs function room.

To find it, go up the spiral staircase - then look for the door immediately opposite you. Go through, up another flight of stairs and you will find us. There is a bar up here and it will be open, so no need to spill your pint on the spiral stairs. If you want to eat in the function room then you have to order your food downstairs and then carry it up yourself.

Step-free access is available.

Dr Evan Harris MP

What's the talk about?

Evan will be covering MMR and HPV vaccination, Bishops in the Lords, homeopathy, blasphemy, religious discrimination and anything else not suitable for discussion in polite company.

This event is part of the new Oxford 'Think Week'.

Think Week, a series of high profile (free!) events organised jointly by the Oxford Atheist Society, Oxford Secular Society, Oxford Humanists, Oxford Sea of Faith and Oxford Skeptics in the Pub. The aim of the week will be to expose the type of discussion and debate that the various non-theistic societies in Oxford offer to a wider audience and hence raise the profile of the issues involved. We won't be covering base questions like "Does God exist?" but instead be providing events in a similar vein to those our various societies provide during the rest of the year. The events will be intended to make people think about things they probably haven't thought about before.