Trystan Swale

Wednesday, August 10 2011 at 7:30PM

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9 - 13 George Street

We use the upstairs function room.

To find it, go up the spiral staircase - then look for the door immediately opposite you. Go through, up another flight of stairs and you will find us. There is a bar up here and it will be open, so no need to spill your pint on the spiral stairs. If you want to eat in the function room then you have to order your food downstairs and then carry it up yourself.

Step-free access is available.

Trystan Swale

What's the talk about?

Confirmation of new time and date to follow.


Almost twenty years after two English pranksters admitted to beginning the modern crop circle phenomenon, popular belief in a paranormal explanation remains puzzlingly high. Drawing from the time he continues to spend studying the subject, Trystan offers an insight into the bad science, poor reasoning and denialism of those who still choose to believe.

Co-host and founder of the popular Righteous Indignation podcast, Trystan Swale spent six years actively investigating Fortean phenomena with various groups in the south west of England. Emerging with little more than a headache and plenty of regrets he has since entertained, amused and enraged a wide range of audiences with his forthright views on the paranormal.